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In our studio we use modern digital media technologies. We possess high definition cameras (HVR Z1 and HVR A1), which give very high quality of image. The image resolution is far higher than in traditional television and comparable to the quality of some cinema feature films. The HDV technology is very popular among professional visual artists these days. Such equipment was used for example in Star Wars or in the Lord of the Rings to name just the few the most recognised productions. The biggest worldwide public television channel (British Broadcasting Channel)uses Z1 cameras to train their staff. 

For photography and also film we are using Canon 6D and few lenses such as standard 28-75 mm f 2.8 or 50mm f 1.4 (ultra - light for extraordinary low light performance). These lenses are very bright and we can use them in many low lighting situations without any problem, so we won't miss the shot. We are also equipped with high quality portable flash light: Speedlite 580EX to be always ready to shoot, whatever the circumstances may be.

For high key photography we us HiLite LastoLite. It's amazing, portable studio in the box, which allows us to travel even to our customers homes and turn their living room into the professional studio within minutes.


  • HDV / DSLR cameras

  • extreme depth of field due to 35mm lenses adapter (feature popular these days also in the high end DSRL photo cameras)

  • high quality image and resolution and very bright lenses to make the most of low lighting situations

  • the project can be delivered on Blu Ray disks and screened on the large surfaces or recent TVs without any loss of quality


Lighting is important to us. We have carefully chosen lighting kits for our photo studio and film productions. We save power and we are nature friendly. We use two Lastolite RayD8 Lights  (fluorescent lights / up to 500 W tungsten optional); Lastolite Lumen 8 Flash Lights 400 w x 2. We have 3x softboxes + arm to get soft light and Dedo DLH4150W light & Dedo DP1 with 85mm lenses + 3 gobos and magic colour filters for most demanding and complex colour and lighting effects. 




We use the industry standard and broadcast quality Sennheisser EW122 P radio mics. We are able to capture audio separately using Zoom H2 Handy Recorder and we are able to produce web podcasts using Behringer Podcast Studio Firewire Bundle.


We understand people wants to get their content as fast as possible and they want to be sure that data we recorded won't be lost due to viruses or compute failures. That is why we have chosen Apple products for editing process. We use two iMacs, 2.8 Dual Core 2.8 4GB, one portable Mac Book Pro Dual Core 2.4 4GB and for the most power demanding video projects we use Mac Pro 2x 2.8 Ghz 8 Core computer with 16 GB Ram, ultra fast SSD discs and Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 2 GB graphic card!


We use many accessories to enhance the quality of our produced media or to give more flexibility. We use Vel-flo 9 PH-368 tripod and Polaroid Folding Dolly.  We measure light with external light meters such as Sekonic L-358 light meter to ensure that we gonna get the best  footage or picture that we can get on location or in studio. We do care about the quality of the sound and we use Rycote Camera Kit to control the quality of the recordings. We are happy to announce that we are able to provide the customers with Blu Ray, even dual layer disks to offer the best image quality. For that purpose we use LG BluRay burner. We use Letus35mm Extreme adapter to get cinematic look of our footage and we use XeroxC2424 to offer you high quality prints. Xerox’s WorkCentre C2424 is the first solid-ink-based colour multifunction device. It prints and copies at up to 24 pages per minute (ppm) and scans at up to 20ppm andsupportsduplex printing. For presentations we offer SVGA Optoma Projector.

Please contact us if you are interested to hire any of our equipment or you have any questions. 


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